Konica Minolta Uploads Energy-Saving Technologies to the WIPO GREEN Online Database

December 18, 2020

Konica Minolta has added over 20 green technology patents to the WIPO GREEN online database, bringing its contribution to over 45 green innovations.

Konica Minolta, Inc., a large Japanese multinational corporation, joined the WIPO GREEN partners network in December 2019, adding 24 green technologies to the WIPO GREEN database in its inaugural contribution. One year later, in 2020, the corporation increased the number of Konica Minolta patented technologies on the database through 22 new additions related to all-solid-state alkali metal secondary batteries and planar heating elements.

Mr. Motohiro Makino, General Manager, Corporate Intellectual Property Division at Konica Minolta, Inc., said: “It is an honor for our company to contribute to WIPO GREEN’s efforts in the facilitation of green technologies transfer and securing a more sustainable future. I believe that the technologies based on these patents are highly effective in saving energy and resources, and can contribute to solving environmental problems”.

Konica Minolta’s newly-added submissions can be grouped as follows:

  • All-solid-state alkali metal secondary battery, 11 patents: this invention uses a predetermined material for the electrolyte, positive electrode or negative electrode to realize highly efficient charge/discharge characteristics, conductivity, flexibility, and safety. It is characterized by resource saving, energy saving, and reusability features.
  • Planar heating element, 11 patents: this invention is a flexible planar or sheet-like heating element that has a heating layer containing a conductive material in a heat-resistant resin to generate heat when energized. It is characterized by rapid temperature rise, uniform heat generation without unevenness, and energy saving.

About the WIPO GREEN database:

The WIPO GREEN database is a unique catalogue of sustainable solutions and needs across the world. It offers technologies from prototype to marketable products, available for license, collaboration, joint ventures, and sale. It also contains needs defined by companies, institutions, and non-governmental organizations looking for technologies to address specific environmental or climate change problems. Currently, the database contains over 3,000 technologies and needs from over 1,500 users across the world.


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