Japanese Corporation Ricoh publishes 48 technologies on the WIPO GREEN database

April 19, 2021

Ricoh Corporation, which joined the WIPO GREEN partner network in March 2021, has already contributed 48 patented environmental technologies to the WIPO GREEN database, with the aim of helping to address environmental challenges.

Ricoh, a printer and copier corporation since 1936, is committed to helping people work smarter. The Ricoh Group considers contributing to environmental conservation a part of its business strategy, recognizing its responsibility toward the environment. “The company takes group-wide measures to reduce impacts on the global environment and restore the earth’s regenerative abilities,” - says Satoshi Abe, General Manager, ESG Promotion Department at Ricoh. “Ricoh’s participation in the WIPO GREEN initiative is an integral part of its efforts to solve social issues, such as the realization of a zero-carbon society”.

As part of its participation in WIPO GREEN, Ricoh registered 48 patented technologies (a total of 83 patents) to the database. The technologies listed have practically demonstrated their effectiveness for environmental conservation. Examples include:

Technology to improve the efficiency and durability of high-temperature, high-pressure submerged combustion systems for detoxification treatment of organic industrial wastewater.

Dry-washing technology that enables the cleaning of adhered soil using media such as resin film instead of solvent or water.


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