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On this page, you will find a selection of resources – visuals, sample text, quick tips – that you can use to show your support for green innovation and communicate to your network the role you play as a WIPO GREEN partner.

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WIPO GREEN partner endorsement - Hitachi

Support best practices for the diffusion of green technologies and showcase your involvement with WIPO GREEN.

Partner seals

Show your support for green innovation! Choose one of our eleven partner seals for use on your website, press releases, social media, etc. See how Toyota Industries Corporation, one of the latest WIPO GREEN partners, used our seal in its press release.

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Use our promotional text in your communication materials.

WIPO GREEN is a global marketplace for sustainable technology, supporting global efforts to address climate change. Through its online database and regional activities, WIPO GREEN connects green tech seekers and providers in order to catalyze green innovation and accelerate green tech transfer and diffusion.

WIPO GREEN quote card

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Find out more about what WIPO GREEN is, why we need it, and how it helps in practical terms.


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WIPO GREEN database


WIPO GREEN network

WIPO GREEN database

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The WIPO GREEN database is a unique catalogue of sustainable solutions and needs across the world. It offers technologies from prototype to marketable products, available for license, collaboration, joint ventures, and sale. It also contains needs defined by companies, institutions, and non-governmental organizations looking for technologies to address specific environmental or climate change problems.

Showcase your technology or need

To upload a technology or information about a green technology need in the WIPO GREEN database, first log in to the WIPO GREEN portal using your WIPO account credentials. You will then have the option to submit a technology or need.

If you are not yet a WIPO GREEN user, first create a WIPO account Anyone can create a WIPO account, it is easy and free of charge.

  • use simple and understandable language;
  • state clearly what problem the technology solves;
  • highlight the environmental benefits or challenges;
  • add pictures.

A step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of registration in the database and uploading your technology/need PDF, WIPO GREEN database upload guide

データベースアプリケーション ユーザーガイド (Read the database user guide in Japanese)

Green innovation in action

Upload your technology to the WIPO GREEN database and get showcased among a selection of featured technologies.

(Photo: Courtesy of PadCare Labs)

Climate-Friendly Management of Sanitary Waste

(Photo: Gettyimages/Gopixa)

Converting Plastic Waste into Fuel

(Photo: Courtesy of Net Sas)

Ensuring Cleaner Air One Engine at a Time